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A Process Video, Carving Green Leaves Urns

Echoing Nature... leaves, greens, repetition.

I walk in the New England woods daily with my two dogs. This time of year I see every shade of green imaginable. The American Beech tree is plentiful in these woods... their simple, elliptical leaf repeated in rows along the thin outstretched branches. Each leaf with a diagonal, downward nod to the earth. This succinct simplicity is something I try to capture in the Green Leaves Urn.

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A Quick Video on How I Make an Urn

I have never met a person that doesn't like to see a piece of pottery being made at the potters wheel. It's magical watching a lump of clay transform into a beautiful form in a short period of time. To see the clay spin and rise, taking shape. To watch the potters fingers dance delicately upon the soft clay, knowing where to put pressure and when to ease up. It all seems to flow with ease.

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