A Quick Video on How I Make an Urn

I have never met a person that doesn't like to see a piece of pottery being made at the potters wheel. It's magical watching a lump of clay transform into a beautiful form in a short period of time. To see the clay spin and rise, taking shape. To watch the potters fingers dance delicately upon the soft clay, knowing where to put pressure and when to ease up. It all seems to flow with ease.

All of the urns at Lucia Urns are made by my hands on the potters wheel. Working at the wheel is my favorite part of the pottery making process. It requires eye hand coordination, strength, creativity, and many, many years of experience. I have been working on the potters wheel since my senior year in high school... so what you see in this video is 38 years of experience, all wrapped up into a condensed one minute video!

This is only the first part of a very long process in making a beautiful piece of pottery.