A Process Video, Carving Green Leaves Urns

Echoing Nature... leaves, greens, repetition.

I walk in the New England woods daily with my two dogs. This time of year I see every shade of green imaginable. The American Beech tree is plentiful in these woods... their simple, elliptical leaf repeated in rows along the thin outstretched branches. Each leaf with a diagonal, downward nod to the earth. This succinct simplicity is something I try to capture in the Green Leaves Urn.

People ask me how I create this leaf pattern on the glaze. Actually, the leaves are not part of the glaze application, they are the result of carving into the semi dry porcelain. The beautiful green glaze pools darker into the incised leaves. The Green Leaves Urn is a customer favorite, so I make a lot of them. Luckily for me carving into the the porcelain is a meditative and relaxing process. Watch the video and you will see.

Green Leaves Urns are available in four sizes, keepsake, small, medium and individual.