My studio is a converted barn on a small piece of land in Western Massachusetts. Much of my work is inspired by this beautiful land… the woods, the river, the fields, the vegetable and flower gardens… even our chickens and bees.

Making urns is an honor for me, hopefully helping to bring some beauty to a very difficult time. If you need an urn for a loved one, I hope you will consider one of my handmade urns.

"The first time I set my hands on clay I was a senior in high school, I knew immediately I wanted to make a career of it. I graduated from Alfred University School of Art and Design with a BFA in 1985. I set my sights on one day being able to make a living from my work. Slowly over the years between raising children and teaching ceramics I honed my skills as a potter, and in 2001 I was able to make pottery a full time endeavor."

Lucia Urns, treasured and trusted memorials for your loved ones, handcrafted… one at a time, in Greenfield Massachusetts.

The sheer physical nature of pottery making fills many aspects of my being.  It satisfies both the artist and the athlete in me. Pottery is a constant quiet motion; the rhythms are like meditation, moving meditation.  I compare it to riding my bicycle through the beautiful hills and farms where I live.  As I ride I become one with this beauty that surrounds me: as I make pots I become one with the clay and beauty that is unfolding. It is a great gift to bring beauty into this world.  As a potter I have the opportunity to bring the extraordinary into the ordinariness of our daily lives.  This clay… this stuff of life: so ordinary yet so extraordinary as it passes through the potter’s hands.  I am blessed that my hands become co-creators in this great mystery of creation in constant process.