Soul Circle Stone

How do you want to remember a loved one? For me personally, I would like to remember their spirit, the love we shared, and memories that make me smile. I don’t necessarily need to have my loved one’s ashes… but I do need something tangible, that I can see and touch. Something that reminds me that their spirit is always with me.

I walk along a little river nearly everyday, as I stroll with my dogs I pick up the worn, weathered stones that cover the beach. I take a good look at each stone… each of them telling the story of time, the forces of nature, and the different minerals contained within each one. The sunlight catches flecks of color, so subtle… the browns, reds, silver, the sparkle of quartz. Some of them feel so smooth, so worn from thousands of years in this river. As I pick up a stone I feel a connection to this history, the past, the earth and people who walked here before me. Sometimes I just sit with one stone in my hand and contemplate life’s mysteries.

This is the impetus for creating the “Soul Circle Stone”. I made these so that they can be held in your pocket… just a smooth, stone-like, circular little gem, something you could roll around between your fingers, and call to mind a memory of a loved one. As I made these I thought about people who may want more than I do, maybe others would actually like to carry around a tiny bit of cremains of their loved one. So I began to make some of these stones with an opening.

I am excited about introducing these little stone-like gems to the world. I truly feel that they can serve as a tangible connection to keeping the memory of a loved one alive.

You can find these on my shop page here.

Soul Circle Stone LuciaUrns.jpg

  • A Soul Circle Stone is high fired stoneware clay formed into a hollow circle to hold the memory, and ashes of a loved one. 

  • Keep this in your pocket, hold it in your hand, know that their spirit is always with you.

  • Wear it as a necklace, know that their spirit is close to your heart.

  • Hang it from a sunny window and watch the sun shine through the hole in the center, filling it with light and warmth, know that their spirit surrounds you.

Each Soul Circle Stone is handmade on the potters wheel, then colored with earth pigments and hand burnished one at a time. It is fired in a kiln to make it as durable as a stone.


Soul Circle Stones Stacked Lucy Fagella.jpg
Opening of Soul Circle Stone Lucy Fagella.jpg