Making a Biodegradable Urn for a Family Member

It’s a bit different when you make an urn for a family member.

This past January my 36 year old niece lost her year long battle with cancer. Christina loved everything butterfly. So I asked her husband and my brother if they would like me to make a biodegradable urn for her that would have butterflies, and be reminiscent of the grasses of the field. They were really pleased with it, and I know for my brother and his wife it helped to bring a little peace to this very sad time.
We had a beautiful service for her this past weekend.
Making cremation urns has become very important to me as a potter.
I do it because handmade, beautiful craft is needed in this difficult transition time for families who have lost a loved one. I feel called to do this work, it gives my pottery making another whole meaning.

Butterfly Urn Biodegradable Lucia Urns.jpg