New Urns in Stock - Tranquil Waters Urn

Tranquil Waters… the image that comes to mind when I hear the words tranquil water is a really peaceful day, by the lazy Green River behind my house. On a sunny day the river is a pale, green color, so peaceful, tranquil, lovely. The only other place I have seen this color is in parts of the Caribbean. I remember sitting on the beach in Puerto Rico looking out at the calm, bay water. Then wading out waste high, into the crystal clear, light green water. I felt such calmness in my mind, body and spirit. This feeling is hard to come by when you lose a loved one, but it is what I try to imagine when I think about where my loved one has gone. A place of pure peace, and calm, and tranquility.

I have made a new line of cremation urns this past summer. They are glazed in a glaze my son Andrew readily named, “Green River”. He was a lifeguard at the time, who looked at that beautiful color for three summers. There are so many shades of green on this beautiful earth. So many names I could have given this urn, but to me the perfect name for it is “Tranquil Waters”.

These urns are made of porcelain - the porcelain just shines through the celadon, green glaze. They are made at the potters wheel, as most of my work is. The horizontal lines are pushed into the wet clay with a flat wooden rib tool as the wheel spins ever so slowly. These horizontal lines are like the horizon line, the edge, where sky and earth meet. Water to sky. Field to sky. Long peaceful, stretches of earth.

My job as a potter - making cremation urns, is to bring some peace and beauty to a very difficult time. I feel these new Tranquil Waters Urns can have the capacity to do that. You can find these on my shop page here.