What does a Day Look Like at Lucia Urns?

When I was a kid all that I wanted to do all day was draw, sculpt, and move my body in the great outdoors. Now that I am an adult I still want to do that... and I do. 

Morning time, the creaky potter bones and muscles get me on the yoga mat, and the dogs get me outside every day for a two mile walk. After I've taken care of my body and spirit I can go about my day making pots, glazing pots, firing kilns, taking photos, and packing pots that are going off to new homes. Then there are the parts of my job that don't thrill me much... namely paper work! I guess everyone has to have some part of their job that they don't like.

I didn't get my hands in clay until noon today. I was busy with paper work then packing and shipping urns from website orders. Once I got into the studio I made lids for the small size urns that I made yesterday. Tomorrow I will trim these lids and make sure they fit proportionately to the body of the urns. 

lids for small urns LuciaUrns.jpg