Dappled Green Biodegradable Urn, Medium Size

Dappled Green Biodegradable Urn, Medium Size

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Each urn is truly one of a kind, therefore quite individual. The urn that is pictured here is the exact urn you will receive.

The Dappled Green urn measures 10H x 4"W, and will hold 72 cubic inches**.

Biodegradable Clay Urns are made from recycled clay blended thoroughly with recycled paper pulp. This combination of clay and paper pulp make for an extremely strong bond which acts like woven material when the clay is wet. As the fiber and clay dry it becomes extremely hard and durable. The urn is not fired in a kiln, therefore can degrade naturally when it is put into a body of water. This also allows me to decorate the urn quite differently then if the urn were fired in a kiln and glazed.

“Green Burial” goes hand in hand with a life well lived on this earth. The good earth has given us so much; why not give ourselves back to the earth “naturally”. 

These urns are 100% biodegradable. Each urn is made by my hands, with love and care. I choose materials that are from the earth and will naturally return to the earth… recycled porcelain clay, and recycled paper is the foundation of each urn. Materials are then gathered from the woods, fields, and garden. I use pine needles, leaves, wildflowers, cultivated flowers, and grasses… all leaving their mark on the urn. The patterns and colors are cut out from paper which I hand-paint using soy based biodegradable paints. Some of the urns include yarns, or threads which are also biodegradable. 

The urn can be placed in a body of water and will degrade within a few hours, or it can be buried and will eventually degrade naturally. If you choose to keep the urn until family decisions are made they are durable enough to stay on a shelf for years to come. 

** One cubic inch = One pound of live weight.

Shipping is $7 flat rate via USPS priority mail.  Please contact me for a shipping price quote to everywhere else outside of the continental U.S.
If you need an urn shipped next day air via UPS please contact me for a shipping price quote, or call me directly @ 413 522-8370

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